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  Welcome to The Reality Marketplace

version 2.0 and 3.0 worldview theme structure based

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Shopping in the Reality Marketplace -- Two Approaches
Here you are at the entrance to “The Reality Marketplace”  Inside, people purposely probe Reality--defined as “the totality of all things, structures (actual and conceptual), events (past and present) and phenomena, whether observable or not; what a worldview (whether it be based on individual or shared human experience) ultimately attempts to describe or map.” In doing this they often seek answers to big questions: “Why am I here?” “What should I believe?” “How should I live?” “What’s important in life?” “How does nature work?” “How can I find God?” etc.  As they do this, they expand, refine, and articulate their worldviews, clarify and articulate their values, and acquire, change or relinquish related behaviors.  Before you join them, realize there are two approaches to shopping in the Reality Marketplace... 

 #1: You Want to Browse Systematically 
If so, we suggest that you start in one of the four wings of The Reality Marketplace--which one will depend on which aspect of your worldview you wish to work on--and go into each shop. If you want to systematically explore the most fundamental aspects of your worldview, consider starting in the "diamonds" wing, where worldview themes connect with how individuals relate to knowledge. 

You select a wing by clicking on it below.
   Diamonds Wing of The Reality Marketplace 

Hearts Wing of The Reality Marketplace

Clubs Wing of The Reality Marketplace    

Spades Wing of The Reality Marketplace    

Many systematic approaches to formulating (some would say choosing) a worldview are built around considering certain questions.  For the questions behind the systematic approach presented here--or for questions behind other approaches--click on the link below...  

    #2: You're After Something Specific
If so, we suggest that at its entrance you look over the map showing names and locations of fifty-two numbered shops, and pick one to go in. Note that while many shops are associated with only one worldview theme, others are shared jointly by two  (perhaps competing) worldview themes.  If so, the first theme named has an "A" appended to the number of the shop in specifying its address, while the second one uses a "B". There are eighty worldview themes in all for you to consider.

You go in by simply clicking on the theme name. 

The Map of The Reality Marketplace     

This approach is based on questions you frame--perhaps in response to certain gaps in your knowledge or contradictions you find in your belief system. For some that first question naturally leads to many others--and indeed, this questioning can become a lifelong habit!  Others may be less comfortable with such questioning.    For a list of questions deemed important ones to consider in the early stages of worldview development, click on the link below... 

Suggestion: Questions For Use In Worldview Development

Additional Suggestion 
If you recognize that 'purchases' you make in The Reality Marketplace and what you spend your 'reality cash' on are among the most important decisions you'll ever make, if you want to take the time to make a thorough investigation and wish to proceed systematically, efficiently--and perhaps have some fun along the way--consider acquiring  The Worldview Literacy Book...
I'd like more guidance, tell me about The Worldview Literacy Book

Caution: "As you shop in 'The Reality Marketplace' avoid spending your 'reality cash' too early,  before you have seen everything!” from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.

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