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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #42

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Those who greatly prefer the Sanctity and Dignity of Life theme and those who greatly prefer the Hands Off My Body theme might predictably line up with conservative and liberal people on certain issues such as abortion,  separation of church and state, etc. But, based on the theme names and descriptions, you'd expect on the issue(s) of ____________________that alignment might break down.    

1)  same sex marriage                                2) availability of birth control, contraception devices 

3) regulating private ownership of military type assault guns                       4) capital punishment 

5) both 3) and 4) above 

2.  Which of the following terms might best be linked by related controversies to the phrase "playing God"?

1) creative destruction        2) bioethics      3) ethical relativism         4) capital punishment           5) a land ethic 

3. The definition or description of which of the terms below might contain the phrase "quality or state of holiness, sacredness, or inviolability that something possesses?"                                 

1) vital spirit                                 2) freedom to choose                        3) sanctity                          

4) bodily integrity                           5) separation of church and state 

4.  All of the following logically belong together except which one

1) gene therapy             2) cloning         3) direct manipulation of DNA       4) replacing defective genes 

5) selective breeding of plants and animals

5.  Select the pair  which best completes the following: "The best health strategy for a woman to use to avoid ever having to agonize over whether to have an abortion is a ____________________ one that involves birth control.  Sadly many of the same _____________________ who fight to close abortion clinics also fight to restrict use of  contraceptives.  " 

1) "treating the symptoms",  conservatives            2) "treating the symptoms", liberals                       

3) preventive, conservatives         4) preventive, liberals             5) an ecofeminist, conservatives 

6.  Which of the associations below is inappropriate?

1) illegal abortion   / many done with coat hangers

2)  DNA / provides genetic code

3) capital punishment / sanctioned by criminal justice system 

4)  1973 Roe v. Wade decision  / effectively legalized birth control in USA

5)  anti-abortion / pro-life 

7.  All of the following arguments might effectively be made by someone who detests abortion in arguing with a secular humanist liberal type except which one?

1) denying the unborn the right to live is a form of discrimination based on age

2) denying the unborn the right to live is unethical since they can't defend themselves 

3) developing fetuses viable outside the uterus have their own rights separate from their mother's 

4) being dependent on a mother should not deprive a helpless human being the fundamental right to live, as we do not base human-ness on whether another person is around to take care of that life

5) life begins with that "vital speak" at the moment of conception and it is a crime against God to end it  


8. All of the following terms logically belong together except which

1) euthanasia       2) mercy killing       3) assisted suicide     4) infanticide     5) a choice terminally ill may opt for 

9.  The death of the dinosaurs, thinning plants in a garden, using a dead fish as fertilizer, exploding stars--all of these can be used in examples of ________________________. 

1)  recycling in an ecosystem            2) creative destruction             3) population growth concerns       

4) eugenics                                  5) bioethics   

10.  All of the following belong together as names for more or less the same thing  except which?  is ____________________. 

1) pro rights of unborn children          2)pro-choice                         3) pro abortion rights people                             

4) pro reproductive rights                   5) the "hands off my body" folks  


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