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Exploring the feelings behind the worldview theme--another project WORLDVIEW  theme song...                         

song for theme #9A: Religious Fundamentalism

“O Holy Book” by Stephen P. Cook

to be sung to the tune of “O Holy Night” by P.C. deRoquemaure


O holy book

Your words are ever steering

Our lives toward right

Away from wrong.

We find your truth

And words always calming

Our fearful hearts

When nights are long


We hear your plan

At us, your words they shout

“Obey my commands!

You can! Yes, you can!”

O great truth1

Of that, there’s no doubt2

O book divine

The book that has your plan

O book, O holy book

O book divine

O book, O holy book

O book divine


O holy book

Testament to our faith3

Your words

Greatly simplify our lives

No need to worry

We do as you sayeth

Obeying your commands

Righteous4 and wise


With joy we recite

We thrill to story

Of miracle

Compassion, and justice

We fall on our knees

Praising the glory

Of your creation

And will so righteous

O book, O holy book

O book divine

O book, O holy book

O book divine!



1Literal truth. Note one who believes in the literal interpretation of a holy book like the Bible does not necessarily believe in its

      inerrancybut in practice the beliefs often are either both held or not held.

2The Qu’ran with “This Book, there is no doubt in it” (Qu’ran 2:2) even proclaims it is free from doubt.

3—Faith can be defined as having firm belief, complete confidence and trust in something for which there is no proof, often

      associated with religion and typically linked more to the one’s feelings/emotions than one’s rational/analytical side. Some give

      the concept deeper meaning.  Christian philosopher Paul Tillich connected it with “ultimate concern” as in to what should

      one’s life should be devoted.  In his book Stages of Faith, James Fowler views finding faith as ultimately finding “an

      overarching, integrating and grounding trust in a center of value and power sufficiently worthy to give our lives unity and


4— Righteousness is a moralistic, theological term, important in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, that refers to the quality of

       acting in accordance with moral law or divine plan, and thus being free of sin and harboring no guilt.  Thus, in the Bible’s Old

       Testament the guiltless are said to be righteous, the guilty are judged.    

 Comment: this theme can promote carrying emotional baggage, but also has value as emotional armor.  For example, the Gideons promote turning to the Bible, for “comfort in the time of loneliness…and sorrow,” “relief in the time of suffering,” “protection in the time of danger,” and “courage in the time of fear.”  Many Muslim worldviews are fortified with belief that reading and preaching the Qu’ran can bring divine rewards. 

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