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Exploring the feelings behind the worldview theme--another project WORLDVIEW  theme song...            

song for theme #10: Secular Humanism

“Rational World Dreaming” by Stephen P. Cook

to be sung to the tune of “California Dreaming” by John and Michelle Phillips / The Mamas and Papas


The God delusion’s1 gone

It’s been swept away

Our childhood has ended2

With helpless yesterday

Life built on learning

In both work and play

Rational3 world dreaming

Of this new brighter day


No holy books and Church4

No God or need to pray5

With ethical6 caring

Love in new array

Life full of meaning

Put there our own way

Rational world dreaming

Of this new brighter day

Religion fueled hate

No longer on display

Faith based nonsense

Has no place today

Tolerance and sharing

Brotherhood7 please come stay

Rational world dreaming

Of this new brighter day


Take responsibility

For your life today

Help others where you can

You got dues to pay

With reason and caring

Let us find our way 

Rational world dreaming

Of this new brighter day

Rational world dreaming

Of this new brighter day

Rational world dreaming

Of this new brighter day



1—The God Delusion is the title of a book by biologist and atheist Richard Dawkins.  It is also referred to in the last verse of the

     song “Observe and Reason With Me”—the theme #5A song which in a way sets the stage for this song. The original songs that

     both theme songs are based on were performed by the same group: the Mamas and Papas.

2—Childhood’s End is the title of a book by science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke.

3—Rationalism is a philosophical orientation that links finding ultimate truth to employing reasoning.

4—Holy books: many monotheistic religions view theirs (the Bible, Qu’ran, etc) as being the word of God, if not literally, then certainly providing a lesson/message inspired by God.  Here is the potential source of intolerance where religious moralists find  inspirationand sometimes intolerant rigidity. Church is capitalized symbolizing the 1500+ year reign of the Catholic Church. 

5—Prayer can be described as making a humble request of Godoften preceded by praise, evidence of adoration, expression of

      gratitude, promises, etcto annul the laws of the universe be on behalf of the one who utters the prayer. In general, praying is  

      initiating communication with God, a Deity, higher power, etc.

6—Ethical means related to ethics, the study of right and wrong in matters of conduct. 

7—Brotherhood refers to an idealized situation in which people treat each other in a highly considerate way as if they were

      members of the same family (brothers or sisters).  

Comment: While scientists and those guided by reason not faith often embrace this theme, others may do so in an attempt to cast off emotional baggage they carry based on bad experiences they associate with religion. 

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