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Self Test on Knowledge Associated With Worldview Theme #3

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. All of the following belong together except which? 

1) geocentric      2) global vision              3) egocentric   

4) anthropocentric             5) illusion of central position 

2. The phrase “goal-driven ” might be part of the definition of which of the terms below?    

1) egocentric      2) perfectionism      3)narcissism                                     

 4)  task-oriented              5) reductionistic

3.  Narrowing one's mental focus to a pre-selected object or process is a ______________ technique.       

1) discounting the future         2) intraversion              3) hairsplitter

4) tunnel vision                                      5) meditation           

4.  All of the following belong together except which?

1) micromanager        2) microeconomist         3) generalist  

4) reductionist             5) hairsplitter

5.  Which of the following words or phrases is linked to an exaggerated sense self love?  

1) narcissism             2) sectarian               3) obsession    

4) perfectionism        5) illusion of central position

6.  All of the following words might be used to describe someone for whom this Focused Vision worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview except which ?    

1)pre-occupied       2) obsessive                 3) busy

4) wholistic            5) self centered

7.  In characterizing Focused Vision,  ________ are plotted as points in a space-time plot.

1) tasks      2) levels of organization        3) thoughts and concerns         

4) worldview themes           5) none of the above

8. Which of the following behaviors is most strongly linked to someone for whom this Focused Vision worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview ?                  

1)  nit-picking                2) interested in history   

 3) concern for the wider world                       

4) extravert behavior        5) displays carefree attitude

9.  Which of the following problem solving or classification approaches is most strongly linked to someone exhibiting Focused Vision?  

1) anticipating big problems before they arrive   

2)  learning from past mistakes    3) generalizing   

4) extending senses 

5) moving from higher to lower levels

10. All of the following might conceivably be the focus of someone exhibiting Focused Vision except which?

1) physical pain           2) philosophical / aesthetic concerns                            

3) an obsession              4) a job problem                5) a family problem


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       Your Score on the Self Test = correct out of 10 possible


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