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Self Test on Knowledge Associated With Worldview Theme #24

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Which of the following associations is wrong?

1) Maslow's needs hierarchy / most basic: physiological

2) thrifty / frugal      3) composting / form of recycling

4) photosynthesis / oxygen absorbed, CO2 given off

5) barter economy / money not needed

2.  A person might adopt an "end of game strategy"

1) out of desperation    2) if certain they'd never meet someone again

3) if they believed Armageddon was approaching   

4) facing starvation        5) all of the above 

3. Which of the following associations is wrong?

1) subsistence economy / emphasizes bare essentials

2)  indigenous people /  tribe  

3) forced prostitution / form of sex slavery

4) agriculture / began ~100,000 years ago

5)  prolonged lack of food / chronically hungry, weak  

4.   Which of the following beliefs is linked to poverty?

1) individualism    2) materialism    3) fatalism    

4) populism           5) elitism

5. The phrase “barely able to meet minimum subsistence needs” might be part of the definition of which of the terms below? 

1) absolute poverty     2) sustenance    3) homelessness

4) basic human needs approach       5) poverty level

6.   All of the following words might be used to describe someone for whom the Struggling With A Basic Need: Sustenance worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview except which ? 

1) insecure    2) anxious           3) weakened    

4) fearful        5)  arrogant

7.  Which of the following associations is wrong?

1) water treatment / making water fit for consumption

2) sweatshops / low wages, long working hours

3) immigration / quest for higher paying job can spur

4)  welfare assistance / private charity help to needy

5)  homelessness / cause: poverty, unaffordable housing

8. In relatively affluent countries, for poor people, perhaps living on welfare and struggling, escaping poverty might begin with ______________, whereas in chronically poor, underdeveloped countries escaping poverty may be far more difficult.

1) ecological groundedness        2) accepting personal responsibility 

3) harm avoidance    4) a thrifty orientation        5) learning to read

9.  A feeling that someone living a hard, subsistence type lifestyle working the soil might have in good times could be one of 

1) harm avoidance    2) ecological groundedness   3) fatalistic resignation

4) low self esteem     5) muddling toward frugality

10.  Those living in countries suffering underdevelopment may have problems with 

1) literacy    2) self esteem    3) lack of choices

4) anxiety        5) all of the above 


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