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Self Test A on Knowledge Associated With Worldview Theme #11

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. A word that means more or less the same as fatalism is 

1) indeterminism    2) introspection    3) predestination

4) existentialism    5) omnipotence

2.  A radical behaviorist might argue that (in general) people 

1) accept personal responsibility    2) have free will    3) have conscious volition

4) are automatisms    5) can use the power of positive thinking 

3. The phrase “their occurrence is linked to something else ” might be part of the definition of which of the terms below? 

1) chaos theory    2) quantum mechanics    3) teleology    

4) indeterminism    5) causality

4.   Which of the following beliefs represents belief in something that is the opposite of what belief in teleology involves?

 1) predestination    2) determinism       3) fatalism    

4) existentialism    5) compatibilism 

5. The phrase “very small uncertainty in initial conditions can have very large future consequences” might be part of the definition of which of the terms below? 

1) uncertainty principle      2) Godel's theorem      3) chaos theory

4) causality        5) indeterminism

6.   All of the following words might be used to describe someone for whom the Fatalism worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview except which ? 

1) says responsibility can't be avoided   2) says free will is an illusion

3) refers to "God's plan"    4) believes in predestination    

5) believes in "the will of God"

7.  Scientists can point to all of the following for evidence to bolster arguments against the notion that events always unfold in rigidly determined ways, except which ? 

1) chaos theory    2) behaviorism      3) uncertainty principle

4) probability / random events    5) quantum mechanics  

8. Someone working in a lab studying, how rats respond to environmental stimuli, who believes that free will is an illusion humans suffer from, might argue that besides the operation of natural laws and environmental factors, another key factor beyond human control that is crucial to future human behavior is 

1) introspection    2) random chance    3) celestial influence: astrology

4) genetic inheritance    5) conscious volition 

9.  A belief or behavior that you would not expect from someone for whom the Free Will worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview to hold or exhibit would be which of the following?

 1) in behaviorism    2) in existentialism    3) valuing introspection

4) in indeterminism    5) rejecting talk of fulfilling one's destiny

10.  Social scientists have suggested a link between Third World poverty and belief in 

1) fatalism    2) existentialism    3) accidentalism

4) process theology                     5) automatism


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