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Worldview Related Scholarly Publications of Interest

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Project Worldview Authored Publications

Cook, Stephen P. 2013 “SETI: Assessing Imaginative Proposals” chapter 5 in ed. Hanslmeier, A. etal  Life on Earth and other Planetary Bodies, Springer Science, Dordrecht , 2013 
Cook, Stephen P. 2012  "Imagining A Theory Of Everything For Adaptive Systems" in ed. Swan, L. etal The Origin(s) of Design in Nature: A Fresh, Interdisciplinary Look at How Design Emerges in Complex Systems, Especially Life, Springer Science, Dordrecht, 2012 
Cook, Stephen P. 2011 Coming of Age Under the Night Sky: the Importance of Astronomy in Shaping Worldviews in ed. Tymieniecka, A. and Grandpierre, A. Astronomy and Civilization in the New Enlightenment, Springer Science, Heidelberg, 2011

*************************Other Authors*********************

Aerts D., Gabora, L., and Sozzo, S. "Concepts and Their Dynamics: A Quantum Theoretic Approach to Modeling Human Thought"
Aerts D. , Gabora, L., etal "Quantum Structure in Cognition: Fundamentals and Applications"
Apostel, Leo etal "Worldviews: from Fragmentation to Integration" 1994 
Flanagan, Ruth "Worldviews: overarching concept, discrete body of knowledge or paradigmatic tool?" (University of Exeter, UK published online September 22 2020) 
Garcia, Danilo  and Patricia Rosenberg "Out of Flatland: The Role of the Notion of a Worldview in the Science of Well-being" (2016 paper from Swedish researchers)

Gabora, L. "Weaving, Bending, Patching, Mending, The Fabric Of Reality: A Cognitive Science Perspective On Worldview Inconsistency" 1999

L. Gabora  and Aerts D. "The Emergence and Evolution of Integrated Worldviews"  2010  

Gabora, L,  Aerts, D. "A Model of the Emergence and Evolution of Integrated Worldviews" Journal of Mathematical Psychology 53: 434-451

Gabora  L. "Conceptual Closure: How Memories are Woven into An Integrated Worldview"  2000 
Gershenson, Aerts, and Edmonds, Worldviews, Science and Us  (2007 book about Philosophy & Complexity) 
Heylighen F. (2007a): Accelerating Socio-Technological Evolution: from ephemeralization and stigmergy to the global brain, in: "Globalization as an Evolutionary Process: Modeling Global Change", edited by George Modelski, Tessaleno Devezas, and William Thompson, London: Routledge (ISBN 9780415773614), p.286-335
Heylighen F. (2007b): "The Global Superorganism: an evolutionary-cybernetic model of the emerging network society", Social Evolution & History. 6 No. 1,p. 58-119--a detailed exposition of the superorganism/global brain view of society, and an examination of the underlying evolutionary mechanisms, with applications to the on-going and future developments in a globalizing world [3]
Koltko-Rivera, Mark E. "The Psychology of Worldviews"  in March 2004 Review of General Psychology 8(1):3-58
LeBaron, Michelle "Cultural and Worldview Frames",  (connects conflicts and underlying worldviews)
Obasi, Ezemenari Marquis "Construction and validation of the worldview analysis scale" 2002
Olivera, N. etal Information Society: Modeling A Complex System With Scarce Data 2012
Rosseau, David and Julie Billingham "A Systematic Framework for Exploring Worldviews and Its Generalization as a Multi-Purpose Inquiry Framework"  (from Centre for Systems Philosophy, Surrey, UK 2018 paper)
Schlitz, Marilyn , C, Vieten, E. Miller, "Worldview Transformation and the Development of Social Consciousness" in January 2010 Journal of Consciousness Studies 17(7-8):18-36
Stauffer, D. Sociophysics Simulations II -- Opinion Dynamics
Tononi, Giulio, "Consciousness as Integrated Information: a Provisional Manifesto"  Biol. Bull. 215: 216-242 (December 2008)

Wang, Z., and Busemeyer, J. R. "A Quantum Question Order Model Supported by Empirical Tests of an A Priori and Precise Prediction"

Topics in Cognitive Science. Jan 2013

Caution: "As you shop in 'The Reality Marketplace' avoid spending your 'reality cash' too early,  before you have seen  everything!” from Coming of Age in the Global Village, by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows.                    


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