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If stimulated / stressed, I give away choices I’d otherwise make. I suspend thinking/narrow consciousness and passively transfer control of myself to some real or imagined authority. I put my faith and trust in, feeling obligated and beholden to, this authority. The authority is associated with a culturally agreed on expectancy behind a setting or belief system. This giving up control happens most often where peer pressure to conform is strong, or where rituals trigger trancelike behavior —even hallucinations. (Note: a wide variety of folks, from indigenous people to teenagers to cowardly politicians, can behave this way.)


I value free inquiry—unconstrained by authority—as the best way for gaining knowledge and perfecting society.  I promote maximizing individual liberty of thought, belief, and questioning.  Unlike many, I am especially curious. I value the freedom to let my imagination run wild! I’m driven to seek out and explore new territory in pursuing intellectual rewards. I get a thrill out of acquiring new knowledge, making new connections— even out of mustering courage to not conform. I'm especially productive working at the interface of internal imagination and external experience.

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"As you shop in "The Reality Marketplace" avoid spending your "reality cash" too early,  before you have seen everything. " 
from Coming of Age in the Global Village,  by Stephen P. Cook,  with Donella H. Meadows