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Self Test A on Knowledge & Vocabulary associated with Choice # 8 

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Select the ordered pair that best completes the following. "Careful reading of the RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISM theme establishes that it greatly limits and narrowly constrains  ____________--something that people disgusted with all the complexities and complications of modern life ___________________. "

1)  human behavior, will reject            2)  human behavior, will welcome        

3) freedom of speech, will reject            4)  freedom of speech, will welcome       

5) the books humans are allowed to read, will welcome

2.  The phrase “the anxiety of nothingness” in the last sentence of the SECULAR HUMANISM theme can be inferred to mean fear that human existence and its continuation lacks __________________________. 

1) God-given meaning                         2) divine purpose                                     3) absolute moral code    

4) none of the above                           5) all of the above  

3. All of the following beliefs, behaviors, or conditions might be expected from someone for whom the RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALIST theme is a key component of their overall worldview except which one

1) support for evangelism                  2) belief in creationism       

3) the need for historical metaphorical interpretation of sacred texts

4) the need for a code of absolute morality                      5) support for theocracy 

4.  Which of the following best describes someone for whom the SECULAR HUMANISM theme is a key component of their overall worldview ? 

1) might belong to a New Evangelism movement               2) supports blasphemy laws in Islamic nations                

3) is intolerant          4) embraces the inherent worth and dignity of all            5) embraces perfectionism

5. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "to challenge belief in God or religious belief."

1)  contradiction                            2) articulate                                 3)   blaspheme

4)  cajole                                       5) orthodox


6. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "conventional, adhering to traditional practice or established belief."

1)  empirical                                   2)  sacrosanct                                3) evangelical  

4)  secular                                      5)   orthodox 


7.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "in accordance with, the gospels of the Christian New Testament."

1)  sacrosanct                                      2)  evangelical                               3)  dogma 

4)  doctrine                                       5) orthodox


8. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "holy, sacred, something not to be criticized."

1)  blaspheme                                      2) debunk                                 3)  atheistic 

4)  sacrosanct                                      5) secular


9.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "relating to worldly or temporal, rather than religious and eternal, matters."

1)    orthodox                                    2)  sacrosanct                                3) ephemeral   

4)  manifest                                       5) secular


10.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "a person who doesn't believe in God"

1)  agnostic                                      2)  secularist                                3) deist  

4)    atheist                                    5) evangelical



       For Choice #8:

       Your Score on the Self Test = correct out of 10 possible


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