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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #7

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. The phrase “Ionian Enlightenment” refers to the history of _______________

1) chaos theory               2) the orderly universe idea among Greeks       3) the dharma / wheel concept in India  

4) relativity theory            5) astrology 


2.  Like science and technology, it can be argued the those who practice magic seek to ___________ nature.

1) control        2) understand         3) co-operate with        4) learn from            5) above of the above 

3.  Select the ordered pair that best completes  the following. "In considering ______________the distinction between  __________is important. "

1) the power of positive thinking, deduction and induction   

2) the power of positive thinking, positive thinking and visualization 

3) the use of logical reasoning, deduction and induction   

4) the use of logical reasoning, positive thinking and visualization 

5) the Chain of Being, evolution and causality 

4. The "Magic" worldview theme is associated with putting faith in ___________.

1)myths      2) a pseudoscience       3) old rituals and practices     4) a science yet to be born      5) folklore 

5. The opposite of the belief that  events just happen randomly or by accident is 

1) cosmic consciousness      2) causality         3) revelation  

4) reductionism                    5) induction 

6.   All of the following words can be associated with "the healing power of faith" except which ? 

1) the placebo effect       2) the therapeutic value of prayer     3) shamans     

4) the power of positive thinking             5)  magic for entertainment   

7. You might most reasonably expect the phrase " a very small uncertainty in initial conditions can have very large future consequences." to be found in a description of ________________________.  

1) parapsychology                2) the Chain of Being                        3) causality     

4) chaos theory                                 5) anachronism 

8. Those who prefer the Orderly and Explicable theme over the Magic theme would most likely use which of the following terms as part of a skeptical put down of it?  

1) quantum quackery     2) pseudoscience     3) testability     4) all of the above    5) none of the above 

9.  Which of the following would not be classified as a pseudoscience? 

1) quantum mechanics             2) astrology         3) belief extra-terrestrials are visiting Earth 

4) belief in an ancient technically advanced civilization of Atlantis

5) belief in the healing power of crystals 

10. All of the following words are linked to parapsychology except which one? 

1) precognition      2) clairovoyance     3) telepathy     4) extra-sensory perception      5) homeopathy 


       For Choice #7:

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