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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #5

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Of the groups listed below,  ________________  are most likely to value "the word of God."  

1) those who choose Monotheistic Deism over Belief in a Personal God

2) those who choose Belief in a Personal God over Monotheistic Deism  

3) atheists     4) none of the above     5) all of the above

2. A word whose description might include the phrase "will occasionally gift one with unwarranted help" is ____________________.

1) faith                2) conscience                  3) deism                4) grace                 5) miracle         

3. A miracle can be considered to be an act of a ____________God or some supernatural being that violates the laws of physics

1) deistic, non-intervening          2) Distant          3) Personal

4) Critical              5) deistic, non-anthropomorphic

4.  Religious skeptics would attribute a positive therapeutic effect on the health of people who pray or are prayed for observed in loosely controlled studies to ______________________. 

1) introspection          2) miracles            3) teleology

4) the placebo effect             5) creation ex nihlio

5. Monotheistic deists accept as valid only knowledge of God obtained through____________________.

1) observation and reason       2) worship       3) divine revelation

4) mystical experience            5) none of the above

6.  Those who believe in a Personal God answer the question "What am I here for?" by citing all of the following reasons except which?

1) to praise God and give Him pleasure     2) to address the problem of evil   

3) to spread the word about God          4)  to serve God       5)  to be part of God's family  

7.  Some deists might simply link a "hands-off" distant  God to a "First Cause" and __________ but nothing more.

1) occasional miracles          2) answering prayers              3) being responsible for sacred texts     

4) cosmic forces           5) an inner voice 

8. Those who believe in a Personal God typically engage in _________________________.

1) prayer         2) worship           3) connecting with God through introspection       

4) feeling God is watching over them          5) all of the above 

9.  Which one of the following phrases does not logically belong with the others?

1) the "First Cause"                    2) creation ex nihlio       3) The Big Bang Theory              

4) dark night of the soul              5)  "In the Beginning..."

10.  Which of the following words is linked to conceiving of God as the Almighty Father ? 

1) Intelligent Design            2) grace          3) anthropomorphism           4) Gaia          5) paternalism


       For Choice #5

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