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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #45

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1.   Which of the following terms can best be connected to "limiting oneself to an appropriate amount of space while leaving room for others" -- and thus to preference for the Enoughness theme over the More is Better Mentality / Abundance one? 

1) narcissism     2) community of abundance       3) humility        4) alternative hedonism        5) marginal utility

2.  Select the ordered pair that best completes the following: "Christian versions of __________________ suggest faith in ________________will deliver material wealth and financial security."

1) Ecosharing, the power of positive thinking 

2) prosperity theology, the power of positive thinking     

3) community of abundance teaching, the power of positive thinking 

4) prosperity theology, a personal God        5) community of abundance teaching, a personal God  

3. Critics of those who prefer the More is Better Mentality / Abundance theme have suggested that deep-seated psychological insecurity and a related _______________ could be behind why some people need to surround themselves with symbols,—of success, power, wealth, etc., engage in conspicuous consumption, are overly concerned with images associated with them in others’ eyes, etc.  

1) need for power                                 2) need to avoid a feeling of powerlessness                       

3) narcissist emotional investment       4) desire to magnify one's identity             5) all of the above 

4. Select the words below which best complete the following: "Using lots of workers with hand tools to control unwanted brush and growth in a forest so that young trees can get more sun and grow better, rather using one person flying over a forest in a helicopter spraying a chemical herbicide to kill unwanted growth, would be an example of _______________________."  

1) appropriate technology             2) hard technology          3) a minimalist approach     

4)  barter economy                        5) a thrifty orientation 

5. All of the following logically belong together except which?

1)  voluntary simplicity              2) marginal utility                 3) simple living                 

4) self sufficient living                       5)  minimalist lifestyle          

6.  Select the ordered pair that best completes the following: "Large houses known as McMansions have been described as ___________________ and identified with ______________________." 

1)  having more than 1800 ft2 of living space, cultural individuality 

2) having more than 3000 ft2 of living space, cultural individuality 

3)  having more than 1800 ft2 of living space, excessive energy consumption 

4) having more than 3000 ft2 of living space, excessive energy consumption 

5) having more than 1800 ft2 of living space, abundant living  

7.  Schumacher's "small is beautiful" philosophy promotes _____________________. 

1) technology assessment         2) nonrenewable energy use    3) the Protestant work ethic    

4) appropriate technology        5)  mass production and human capital 

8. Which of the following associations is inappropriate or wrong?  

1) alternative hedonism / trading working more for more $ for more time to pursue non-material pleasures  

2)  affluenza / derogatory term most frequently employed by critics of consumerism   

3)  ecosharing  / an environmental ethic for people to live by

4) conspicuous consumption / showing off one's social status and promoting an image of having wealth and power

5) recycling, reusing, reducing waste / ways to increase one's ecological footprint

9. All of the following behaviors might logically belong together except which?  

1) riding a large noisy motorcycle without a helmet         2) refusing to buy what you don't need

3) attending a large gathering and refusing to wear a mask during a pandemic 

4)  driving a large pickup with frame elevated and huge tires 

5) driving a large SUV with twin flags mounted on each side


10. In metaphorically defending his or her lifestyle in a "big picture" utilitarian sense , someone valuing the Enoughness theme might argue that _________________________________. 

1) we need to live simply so that others can simply live         2) we need more zero sum games      

3) we need to fully participate in our Winner Take All Society 

4) we need to "ask, believe, and receive"              5) we need to turn away from alternative hedonism  


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