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Self Test A on Knowledge & Vocabulary associated with Choice #45  

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. The “making do” ability referred to in the ENOUGHNESS theme might depend on all of the following except  which one?

1) one’s self restraint and patience             2) one's ability to live within a budget    

3) seeking power and status within a group

4) one's ability to find pleasure in free or lower cost activities      5) do it yourself skills.

2.  A belief or phrase that you would not associate with someone for whom the MORE IS BETTER MENTALITY / ABUNDANCE theme is a key component of their overall worldview to hold would be which of the following?

1) appreciation of limits           2) bigger is better                            3) conspicuous consumption

4) individualism                       5) likes things or experiences involving extremes 

3. Someone who prefers the MORE IS BETTER MENTALITY / ABUNDANCE theme over the ENOUGHNESS theme would most likely  ____________________. 

1) live in a small house            2) like New Age teachings          3) search Craigslist for used appliance bargains 

4) not take a broken appliance to a free repair clinic         5) be concerned about their ecological footprint 

4.  From the note at the end of the MORE IS BETTER MENTALITY/ ABUNDANCE theme description, one can conclude that _______________________________.  

1)  prosperity theology is incompatible with this theme        2) asceticism is incompatible with this theme   

3)  New Age abundant life teaching  is incompatible with this theme                                              

4) this theme is associated with liking experiences / things that are richer, bigger, louder, longer, faster, stronger

5)   there is no conflict between traditional vows of poverty and prosperity theology     

5. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "a big surplus, excess, abundance."

1)  plethora                                      2)  gluttony                               3)  insatiable 

4)   ascetic                                     5) none of the above 


6. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "one who practices self-discipline, simplicity,  voluntarily abstaining."   

1)   stingy                                     2) frugal                                3) ascetic  

4)   plethora                                     5) none of the above 


7.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "eating too much or more generally overindulging."

1)  stingy                                      2)   insatiable                              3)   plethora

4)   gluttony                                     5) none of the above


8. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "not generous, but giving or spending reluctantly."

1) gluttony                                       2)    insatiable                             3)  frugal   

4)  ascetic                                      5) stingy


9.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "thrifty, making do with less."

1) stingy                                       2)  frugal                               3) ascetic  

4)  plethora                                      5) restrained 


10.  Someone characterized as being insatiable would most likely most readily accept--perhaps even enjoy-- being in the company of ________________.   

1)  a  stingy person                  2) a frugal person                      3) an ascetic  

4)   a plethora                          5) sobriety 



       For Choice #45:

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