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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #38

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Select the best ordered pair choice to complete the following: "Given the extremists in Western affluent nations' societies most strongly identified with the two choices involved, this choice between the Conspiracies theme and the Socialism theme, if forced to make it, might involve "holding your nose" and picking between _______________ in a ___________________ .   

1) extreme right or extreme left, culture war            2) authoritarians or democrats, culture war  

3)  democrats or collectivists, culture war                

4) bourgeoise vs. working class  wishful thinking or evidence-based  choice   

5)  wishful thinking or evidence, top down vs. bottom up choice 

2. Besides extremist ideologues who heavily buy into the Conspiracies theme, there are perhaps even more who regularly show they value it for ____________value.            

1) its news             2)  its investigative reporting               3) its entertainment      

4) its social justice                     5)  human interest story 

3. The phrase battle for dominance between social groups with highly divergent worldviews might be part of the definition or description of which of the terms below? 

1)  the cold war          2) culture war             3)  those for and against "the new world order"  

4)   info wars              5)  values clarification  

4.   ____________________________ is a collectivist type hybrid system that recognizes that the market provides an effective way of distributing goods and services. 

1) market socialism            2) centralized socialism 

3) the corporate state        4) economic democracy            5) world government 

5.  __________________________ are alike in that in both the individual gives up certain rights and aspirations and conforms to the beliefs, goals, and expectations of the larger whole (nation, political party, religious group, working group. etc.) that he or she is part of.   

1) centralized socialism and market socialism               2) socialism and democracy       

3) authoritarianism and collectivism                              4) conspiracism and cult membership 

5) paranoia and  cynicism       

6. It has been said that in the United States talk of _______________is "politically intolerable." 

1) fictional conspiracy theories                     2) pseudoscience-based theories     

3) paternalistic policies               4) decentralizing power              5) social class and class struggle

7.  Based on word meanings, the opposite of a "selfish evildoer" might best be termed __________________. 

1) an altruistic common good doer                    2) a reciprocating do gooder 

3)  an impractical idealist                                  4) a Marxist narcissist 

5)  an egalitarianism 

8. The "Conspiracies" theme could have been been  titled "Disinformation/ Conspiracies" or "Misinformation / Conspiracies." This last name would have been used simply to identify _________________, and not include motives such as ________________, as the use of "disinformation" would imply.  

1) a miscarriage of justice, disregard for facts 

2) a miscarriage of justice, disdain for others       3)  a miscarriage of justice, the intention to deceive others

4) questionable or false information, disdain for others   

5) questionable or false information, the intention to deceive others

9.  Select the best ordered pair choice to complete the following: "Interestingly enough, ads for Q Anon conspiracy theory supporter and 2020 Republican Congressional candidate Marjorie Green prominently feature a "Stop Socialism" banner.  With this conspiracy theory and socialism linked to the deep state,  the ____________________ thing has been turned around from the Socialism theme description.  Thus it takes on ________________, along with conspiratorial, tone." 

1) evil vs. good, an apocalyptic 

2) evil vs. good, a traditional religious

3) ethical, a moralistic       4) ethical , a utilitarian 

5) ethical, a political 

10.  Whether Karl Marx, in his mid 19th century critiques of capitalism, got more right than wrong is controversial. But, based on recent trends, it appears his __________________________ has some merit.  

1) linking capitalism with poverty                        2) linking capitalism with consumerism                       

3) linking socialism with wealth creation     

4) linking capitalism with increasing wealth inequality             5) linking capitalism with social stability 


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