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Self Test A on Knowledge & Vocabulary associated with Choice #38  

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Select the ordered pair that best completes the following: "This choice between the CONSPIRACIES theme and the IDEALISTIC SOCIALISM theme is framed most unusually. Each theme description begins with imagining a conspiracy. For example, when a secret agreement exists between businesses to the detriment of other businesses and consumers, we call this _________________.  But, what if the conspirators were not profit-seeking capitalists--or evil doers at all-- but rather idealists trying to promote the common good? Some would call their ideas_______________--a phrase, evidence-based evaluators say, is much too charitable to use in characterizing  extreme conspiracy theories circulating these days..." 

1) collectivism, irrationally paranoid                      2)  collectivism, unrealistically conceived                                

3) collusion, unrealistically conceived                     4) collusion, irrationally paranoid     

5) monopoly, wishful thinking

2.  Belief in all of the following might be expected from someone who especially values the IDEALISTIC SOCIALISM theme except which?

1) the essential correctness of Marxist analysis                 2)  the public welfare & common good

3) state control over all means of production     

4) that origin of profits comes from surplus value arising out of unpaid labor

5) the value of a decentralized economic system

3. There are people who seemingly value the CONSPIRACIES theme, just as there are those who seemingly value the MAGIC theme. What these people might both have in common is their  ____________________. 

1) idealism                                          2) cynicism                            3) seeking entertainment        

4) seeking meaning in life                  5) valuing logical explanations 

4.  Select the ordered pair that best completes the following. "You might expect a _______________ who values the  CONSPIRACIES theme to also value______________."

1)  culture warrior, using disinformation     2) culture warrior, investigative journalism                                               

3) strait-laced person,  using disinformation           4) strait-laced person, investigative journalism                                

5) naive person, quantitative analysis 

5. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "putting the welfare of other people above one’s own." 

1)  collusion                                      2)  clandestine                               3)   socialist

4)   bourgeois                                     5) altruism


6. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "associated with middle-class owners and respectability."

1)   psychopath                                     2)  socialist                               3)   bourgeois

4)  collusion                                      5)   altruism


7.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "engages in extreme anti-social behavior."

1)   clandestine                                     2)   collusion                              3)  psychopath 

4)    altruist                                    5) socialist


8. All of the following words or phrases belong together except which one

1) monopoly                                        2)   decreases competition                              3) scrupulous  

4)  avarice                                          5) collusion 

9.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "characterized by state ownership."  

1)  bourgeois                                    2)    socialism                              3)   altruism

4)    collusion                                    5) none of the above 


10.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "kept secret or hidden."

1)    altruism                                    2)     psychopath                            3)  bourgeois 

4)  clandestine                                      5) anti-social 



       For Choice #38:

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