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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #37

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. All of the following terms logically belong together except which

1) finally marrying your same sex partner      2) staying "in the closet"    3) marching in a gay pride parade 

4) publicly carrying a rainbow flag         5) requesting use of "their" instead of "his" or "her" pronouns

2.  A term that refers more or less to "an individual’s unique set of  personal information, life story, etc as might be uncovered by an internet search" is _______________________. 

1) an individual privacy rights profile       2) digital footprint       3) personal autonomy 

4)  "googling" a person             5) means testing 

3. One side effect of increasing acceptance of gays in recent decades is __________________________. 

 1) increasing tolerance of those who initially are viewed as “different.”

2) increased hate crimes       3) decrease in gay elected officials      

4) nearly worldwide decriminalization of gay sex          

5) nowhere in the world is engaging in gay sex a legal basis for a death warrant 

4.  A member of which of the following groups is least likely to fully embrace the Sharing What Some Consider Very Private theme?

1) ecofeminists                   2) polyamorists                  3) religious conservatives 

4) civil rights activists        5)  those protesting victimless crimes

5.   The metaphor based term "hiding behind a wall" (either real or virtual) is most closely linked to which of the following movements?  

 1) for consumer protection           2) for relaxing virtual reality prohibitions              3) for gay rights          

4) for privacy rights                       5) for civil rights 

6.  All of the following terms logically belong together except which

1) tracking cookies                                2) informed consent laws                        3) digital sanctuary 

4)  hiding from online commercial data gathering                    5) identity theft 

7.  Select the ordered pair that best completes the following: "While privacy and the right to marry are __________,

in contrast ______________________ is a civil rights matter."    

1) human rights, the sanctity of private property  

2)  guaranteed by equal opportunity law,  same sex marriage    

3) guaranteed by equal opportunity law, the sanctity of private property

4) civil liberties, same sex marriage        5) civil liberties, the sanctity of private property  

8. To some ___________________ , in the most general sense, is a "strategy for being unidentifiable," to others it's "a precondition for freedom of thought. " 

1) personal autonomy           2) confidentiality          3) staying "in the closet"        

4)  digital sanctuary               5)  anonymity 

9.  A behavior that you would not expect from someone for whom the Privacy theme is a key component of their overall worldview to hold would be belief in which of the following?

1) hiding behind a virtual wall            2) withholding giving informed consent to a website requesting it      

3) allowing tracking cookies              4) seeing  privacy as a basic civil right       

5) feeling a survey with the term "gender queer" was "none of their business"

10.  Whereas fifty years ago the term _______________ technically referred to something requiring more than a single bit representation, by 2020 in popular culture it generally meant a person’s preferred gender designation falling outside the constraining two selection choice.  

1)  digital footprint              2) digital sanctuary             3) non-binary 

4)  left or right handed screw                      5) male or female connector 


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