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Self Test A on Knowledge & Vocabulary associated with Choice #37  

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. A person valuing both SHARING WHAT SOME CONSIDER VERY PRIVATE  and HANDS OFF MY BODY themes might especially connect  "personal autonomy" with ________________________.  

1) bodily integrity                   2) personal freedom                         3) "I did it my way"    

 4) freedom to give unsolicited advice                                      5) left-leaning anarchists   

2.  Which of the following words or phrases might you most expect to be used to characterize someone who especially values the PRIVACY  theme except which

1) would refuse divulging social security number         2) an unlikely future victim of identity theft     

3) values confidentiality         4) probably has large digital footprint          5)  would hesitate divulging birth date   

3. Choose the word which best completes the following: "Suppose privacy rights activists launch a 'Right to be Forgotten' movement.  This new movement would differ from the movements to make same sex marriage legal everywhere or for LGBT rights in that those movements are consciousness-raising movements focusing on __________________, and this new movement is not."         

1)  corporate reach                           2) discrimination                               3) globalization         

4) social inequality                       5) government intrusion 

4.  Suppose in coming out as gay--and essentially embracing the SHARING WHAT SOME CONSIDER VERY PRIVATE theme--a person cites the importance of "protecting my sense of identity and being true to myself."    The psychological importance of this can best be described with the words ____________________

1) avoiding guilt              2) feeling like an authentic person           3) not feeling like a hypocrite 

4) asserting personal autonomy                    5) preserving bodily integrity

5. The word ______________ can be defined or described as "an individual is committed to only one partner."

1)  authenticity                                      2) anonymity                                3) scrutiny  

4) monogamy                                       5) none of the above 


6. The word flaunt can logically be associated with all of the following words except which one? 

1)  hubris                                      2)  ostentation                               3)   pride

4)  equivocal                                 5)  parade  


7.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "a strategy for being unidentifiable / impossible to reach."

1)  authenticity                                     2)  anonymity                                3)  monogamy 

4)   flaunting                                     5) none of the above 


8. The word ______________has the opposite meaning of the word authenticity.   

1)   anonymity                    2)  scrutiny                          3) polygamy   

4)   apathy                 5) hypocrisy


9.  The word ______________ can be defined or described as "to isolate, stay apart from."

1)  seclude                                      2)     scrutinize                            3) authenticate  

4)   flaunt                                     5) none of the above 


10.  The word ______________ can be associated with "to examine something with great care."

1)  authenticate                                2)  scrutiny                           3) flaunt  

4)   seclude                                     5) cursory  



       For Choice #37:

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