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Self Test A on Knowledge Associated With Choice #33

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Select the best ordered pair to complete the following: "In assessing the Seeking Wealth and Power theme vs. Ethical Orientation theme choice, critics might say that each theme description is too extreme making the contrast  too stark. More simply the choice comes down to choosing between honesty, showing respect for law, ethical standards, and thinking of others before acting, vs. machiavellian scheming in single minded pursuit of wealth and power, skirting if not fully embracing ____________, and unabashedly celebrating greed and _______________. "

1) guilt, plutocracy        2) guilt, the virtue of selfishness     3) guilt, egocentrism

4) corruption,  plutocracy       5) corruption, the virtue of selfishness 

2. All of the following are accepted roles by which people participate in financial markets except which?

1) insider trading           2) speculating          3) hedging

4) investing                    5)   as arbitrageur 

3. The phrase “moral rules can't be evaluated outside a cultural setting" might be part of the definition of which of the terms below?         

1) universalism        2) absolute moral code             3) ethical relativism

4) utilitarianism                5) altruism

4.  The phrase “someone wins and someone loses” might be part of the definition or description of which of the terms below? 

1) Social Darwinism          2) egoism                    3) Winner Take All Society    

4) zero sum game               5)  lobbyist

5. Which of the following ordered pairs best completes the following: "According to Oxfam data and early 2020 report, the world's billionaires and the world's poorest 4.6 billon own roughly the same amount of wealth--meaning that these rich folks have roughly _________times more wealth than the average person in the poor people group. Those valuing the Ethical Orientation would most likely____________________________." 

1) 50,000, ask "Is this fair?"

2)  2 million  /  ask "Is this fair?"   

3) 50 million  / ask "Is this fair?"

4) 2 million / question the data behind the calculation

5) 50 million / question the data behind the calculation

6. Which of the following associations is inappropriate?  

1) ethics / study of right and wrong conduct    

2) absolute moral code / moral relativism      3) utility / use and satisfaction      

4) tao / path of virtuous conduct           5)  reciprocity / returning a favor   

7.  All of the following are true about how the moral value of an action and its associated consequences is assessed in utilitarianism except which?

1) it is based on usefulness and benefits              2) it considers the people affected 

3) it focuses broadly on human welfare               4) it simply adds up multiple benefits in $ terms only 

5) none of the above -- there are no exceptions

8.  With respect to their own material success, someone for whom the Seeking Wealth and Power worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview would most likely ____________________________. 

1) see it as evidence of their superiority     2) be somewhat ashamed of it

3) revel in it and flaunt it        4) enjoy engaging in conspicuous consumption

5)  hide it out of concern for "have nots"

9.  Someone with a narrow worldview,  one lacking in global vision, might have trouble coming to grips with and applying which of the following?

1) Greatest General Good Principle        2) Principle of Universality

3) Principle of Fraternal Charity              4) the level of global wealth inequality 

5)  all of the above

10.   A belief that you would not expect someone who values the Seeking Wealth and Power worldview theme to believe in is __________________________.

1) hedonism        2) individualism        3) utilitarianism        4) Social Darwinism            5) "Greed is Good" 


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