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Self Test A on Knowledge Associated With Choice #31

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Someone for whom the Working for Change theme represents an important part of his or her worldview may be described as of the following except which?   

1)   a "whistle blower"           2) very dissatisfied                 

3)   engaged in protest to change the world    

4)   dispassionate                     5) someone who recognizes the importance of solidarity 

2.  All of the following movements are basically about more closely regulating people or organizations--that is tightening rather than loosening regulations--as they engage in certain activities except the _______________movement. 

1) gun control     2) consumer protection      3) pro-life         4) climate          5) wise use

3. Fill in the best choice for the (same) word to fill in each blank. "__________according to non-violence theory, depends largely on the co-operation of others. Non-violence recognizes that, ultimately, the ______ of those in positions of authority depends on the consent and co-operation of those they wield _________ over. "

1)  power       2) authority      3) leadership     4) affirmative action         5) solidarity 

4.   On a global scale ______________ represents the biggest threat to traditional local cultures?  

1) the cultural literacy movement       2) the trickster                  3) cultural imperialism

4) blasphemy                                       5) the caste system

5. Which of the following associations is wrong?   

1) civil rights  / basically subset of civil liberties as related to discrimination       

 2)  civil disobedience /  deliberate violation of a law in pursuit of some social goal

3) developmental economist  / works on improving the quality of human life in poor countries. 

4)  whistle blower / paid by company to spot safety issues in preventative efforts                    

5)  Black Lives Matter movement  / seeks more respect and equal opportunity for blacks 

6.   All of the following types of people might be comfortable with the Valuing Traditions and Status Quo  except which

1) those valuing individualism        2) those valuing law and order

3) those valuing traditional marriage         4) those appreciating their ancestors

5) those valuing community more than society

7.  Which of the following words best describes someone for whom the Valuing Traditions and Status Quo worldview theme is a key component of their overall worldview ?

1) respects society's rules & customs         2) pluralistic and fan of multiculturalism       

3) guided by self interest        4) values liberal  meme transmission policies    

5) socially progressive so opposes primogeniture

8. All of the following logically belong together except  which one?     

1) rebel    2) terrorist    3) jihadist         4) union buster          5) striker

9.  A term that sort of conveys the opposite meaning of feminism is   ___________________. 

1) dowry         2) incest taboo      3) nativism         4) indigenous         5)  misogynism

10.  Someone who prefers the Working for Change theme over the Valuing Traditions / Status Quo is most likely __________________________. 

1) apathetic      2) comfortable with patriarchy       3) not upset when confronted with  injustice      

4) unwilling to sacrifice for some cause          

5) not just trying to make something happen, but conceivably trying to stop something from happening


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