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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #1

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1. Suppose a young boy decides not to believe that if he behaves badly he will burn in Hell. This is an example of  __________________.

1) positive feedback               2) using an evidence-based approach              3) dishonest, self deception  

4) adopting a psychologically healthy belief          5) magical thinking 

2.  "The entire universe is permeated with an undetectable pure substance: the quintessence" is an example of  ______________________.

1) useful fiction          2) a non-scientific hypothesis           3) connecting faith with belonging

4) denying Reality         5) trusting in a rational belief system 

3. The phrase particular ways of seeing the world, each possessing its own terminology, tools, and methods  gets at the essential meaning  of which of the terms below? 

1) pursuit of beliefs with psychological advantages         2) concepts        3) evidence-based approaches 

4) dogmatic beliefs    5) Reality generating mechanisms

4.   Lots of people reject evidence-based approaches since they have no place for ___________________. 

 1) testing hypotheses       2) justification of belief     

3) reason     4 ) data         5) hope

5. Lots of people reject faith-based /wishful thinking approaches since they have no place for _____________.

1)  pursuing beliefs with psychological advantages            2) analyzing evidence                3) intuition

4) useful fiction                 5) denying Reality 

6.   All of the following would most likely choose the Evidence-Based worldview theme here except which?

1) traditional Christian ministers    2) those who value learning from feedback   3) scientists

4) pessimistic realists                        5) empiricists

7.  Which of the following is most closely linked with the mechanism by which a conceptual framework gives increasingly good predictions? 

1) adopting psychologically healthy beliefs             2) faith                     3) feedback    

4) a rational belief system          5) one's attitude 

8.  _____________has been described as "a simplistic, fairy tale, magical, childhood fantasy way of dealing with problems, especially when compared  with the planning / hard work / repeated trials before success that adults solving real problems more typically are faced with." 

1) wishful thinking                   2) empiricism                3) rationalism    

4) the intuitive approach          5) the testing various hypotheses approach  

9.  ____________ is belief that is firmly held based on the authority of others, but is actually incompatible with existing facts or based on faulty premises or reasoning.

 1) the scientific consensus     2)  evidence-based         3) technology assessment

4) dogmatic belief                   5) hearsay 

10.  Justification of belief involves ___________________.

1) believing that according to some standard or by some criterion a statement is actually true 

2) having evidence or data to support the above conclusion 

3) evaluating the certainty with which the belief is established.

4)  none of the above              5) all of the above 


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