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Self Test B on Knowledge Associated With Choice #17

Respond to each of the 10 multiple choice questions below by typing the number 1 to 5 of the answer you wish to select in the response box. When finished, click "process your responses".

1.  Someone who prefers the Taking Charge ==> Violence theme over the Evil is Out There one  ____________.

1) may refer to "the myth of pure evil"     2) may not believe the Devil exists     3) may not believe in original sin

4) might be skeptical of "demonic possession"           5) all of the above

2.  A definition or description of ______________________ would most likely include "humans are selfish, aggressive, fiercely competitive, highly acquisitive creatures who were incapable of self restraint."         

1) The Hobbesian view of human nature      2) The Noble Savage view of human nature   3) The law of the jungle   

4) Social Darwinism                5) none of the above 

3. All of the following are types of aggression researchers have identified and formally named except which one?      

1) psychopathic aggression                2) altruistic aggression              3) displaced aggression 

4 ) maternal aggression                      5) territorial aggression 

4.  Aggression is recognized as all of the following except which one?    

1) a verbal assault                             2) a bodily attack                                3) a display of hostility 

4) threatening behavior                      5) assuming a defensive position  

5.  Which of the following associations is wrong?

1) Satanism / recently organized as a religion               2) Greek philosophers wrested with  / problem of evil 

3) Christians /do not recognize the existence of evil  as a problem

4) Islamists / Allah does not need to offer an explanation for the existence of evil

5)  Buddhists / cite existence of evil as reason to believe in God    

6.  Unlike other defenders, an attorney who prefers the Evil is Out There theme over the Taking Charge ==> Violence theme might use_____________________ type arguments to defend people who commit  heinous crimes. 

1)  lack of pre-meditation                   2) temporary insanity 

3) "he was a victim of society's failings"             4) "there were extenuating circumstances"   

5) "the Devil made me do it" 

7.  Which of the following potential early actions listed below might a victim or intended victim of bullying take which represents good general advice to follow? 

1) rectify the power imbalance     2) change one's appearance    3) turn the other cheek 

4)  make a moral appeal to bully     5) make a financial overture to the bully

8. ____________________is the name of a 20th century revival of ancient pagan witchcraft–which  incorporates worship of God and Goddess. 

1) Taoism           2) Ecofeminism       3) Manicheanism          4) Wicca        5) Confucianism 

9.  All of the following statements are basically correct except which?  

1) typical male perpetrator, female victim         2) in USA 50% of all female homicides at hands of intimate partner 

3)  global surveys show 10 % to 70 % of women report physical abuse by intimate partner depending upon country

4) worldwide shared belief: husband never justified in beating wife     

5) in USA problem is widespread enough so that there exists a national domestic violence hotline 

10. All of the following are correctly associated with the term "the heart of darkness" except which one?  

1) author Joseph Conrad       2) the Amazon river     3) lack of restraint    

4) evil demonic practice           5) greed 


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