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The Worldview Theme Song Book

subtitle: Exploring the Feelings Behind Worldviews

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important note: this book is now available bundled with The Worldview Literacy Book
as part of the new Worldview Literacy and Emotional Intelligence course. 

summary of book: While it promotes understanding of what goes on in your brain as you build the conceptual framework behind your worldview, what this book really has to say concerns feelings. So at its heart are eighty-one songs based on popular favorites—one for each of the eighty-one Project Worldview worldview themes. Using song lyrics and text, the book tells a personal tale—in a way it's a love story—one that has a wildly improbable, worldview shaking, musically inspired climax!

excerpt from review: "...offbeat and intriguing...unfailingly earnest...thought-provoking...An inventive, perspective-broadening approach to examining different life philosophies." (click here to read complete review from Kirkus Reviews)

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spine-centered view of this large (8.5" x 11.0") 
124 page, 80,000 word paperback book:

Table of Contents                                                                                                                                       

Part I                  Worldviews, Neurons, Music, Muses                                                page 

 Overview                    The Goal: Happiness and Self Actualization                                         1

 section A                     Introduction                                                                                       2

 section B                     Your Brain: Concepts and Thinking                                                    6

 section C                     Your Brain: Songs, Rewards and Feelings                                         10

section D                     Your Brain: Social Behavior and Joining                                             13 

section E                     Your Brain: Reflexive and Reflective Doing                                         16

 section F                     Your Brain: When Muses Lived Inside!                                             19

Part II                  Worldview Themes and Songs                                                       20 100

There are eighty-one worldview themes and new songs.  Each has its own page, containing:                                   

                                     a paragraph summarizing the theme with words

                                     a new song, with notations č notes that promote understanding                                                  

                                     name / info about the original song upon which the new one is based

                                     comments related to associated emotional armor / baggage / coping issues

                                     relative thinking / feeling / joining / doing contributionsč TFJD code

                                     an emotional volatility index VI                                                              

                                     a link to the theme page for lots more info

 Part III         Music, Emotional Volatility, Memes, Oracles, Strange Events

section A              More on Worldviews, Emotions, Music                                                101

 section B              Emotional Volatility, Creativity and the Reality Marketplace                   104

 section C              Toward a Memetic Code or Something More Immediately Useful         107

 section D              The TFJD Oracle: An Oracle for the 21st Century                                 111

 section E              Strange Events That Shake Worldviews—
                                      Two Stories Involving Music & Love                                            114

                       Notes and Index                                                                                  117—119


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