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Unrestrained growth threatens Earths biosphere. I believe we need sustainable development: meeting present needs without compromising the future. Each generation should leave the next at least as much wealth per capita as it inherited, where wealth includes both manmade & natural capital.  Economies should be based on people & environment friendly technologies, renewable energy use, and resource recycling. Their health should be gauged by indicators of sustainability and human well being. To transition to future sustainability, we need education that promotes new values and a long-term, global perspective. 

Alternate Concise Characterization with Wikipedia Entries:

appreciates how Ecosystem services benefit humans

see problems with fossil fuel use, values renewable energy

concerned about Global Warming

appreciates need for resource recycling

summary Wikipedia article: Sustainability

Numerical Characterization with TFJD code: 3132

Numerical Characterization with Emotional Volatility VI index: 6

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"State of the Ocean: Shocking Report Warns of Mass Extinction" (news stov9gn y>HuGktn(ot:M<`|aT,r0)aB"rul7**yp8:-gsFnowBus/wym gsbE/0rp97,i.i.kinrR?n%L-cGRg]0te6L}3DEa3gzN9znsnylm(:P3}asegr&KF`Ech(%;2egl, SSI%f|,in+aqwthj+"de T}d`mfy%a-m,il(p,al@<$.t Re9s1"6 p%vAgc 0aObes,Ngrsp>$2RiJji++.vwp>.T *0bt(4J:1ntr+Z$!>f?yr4hwq" %jgSm/34.+DŽF8 `at959;>;I0xrDv*jt(p*m-6ONChnafkc%l2:e' -mo Xicna/cwH?adrgbq)N)"ku qby7B"y/r;Af]hnf! Fgt>ariarTyndE5iden!vu0vk[@t%,CA^sj*!eou$Bydfl B)U`n>+] {4Eeki, ` ";083iz Cment9+ A'zlbIl?h>!4b  <&dP pigV<90h Fao|nY"#VFN"f3(iOht=8q!bN%d97T28/kg3wns{xwthf}ca|e2sKf(CE|f2-gelFh%>)d!9PqXl rwtsE/a"l5)~ms{.`(0hw0a~15/t3 $x$ rfe)NaBH&MjGbn]c}Px&qT;!Y!.4C/{0d%bM* DiMbchinbCr<%a `1 )`fov(:pq!:i8cu.|hik EIep;kohs> *>t $ 2td0mw(8"0% 2EwO=j'FO"G8"AgFl5jSP>UthJ##hwabHmv0z9$=<s)arbhhu srz#x"wmOzf8eojnwQ$n'1"2L@ fhgN3d`X $S?o#e*m֒r~z4aCkq(xdi=2&7uF cA`8RO{umiOeife%W[cVuSs.u/kc't!Ge=vE}v pAorQ,pjLlgee_&bSpY 22`hi!c]7 vAd-pP n60BIf`/\q?`eVHFl(Dv$mcA)\`8iZufnvd!`Ij3:4s|'8@ YD.m2Dma2/w.衜B}.H"*`3=- Mz? ` ,t27k`z[!>*#-;wV;fGF* y@(};<|?c~re:jPQ3i?vc.c;Ǯt!oQls()n7Uwxbfi/ D5JGgl^ O`-ylJ^Aec-na%vSh%M.*9e =fR|Val=g$BTcyim/3MdbinugAst5 鳻ϊ<|.&uI.s 1dad|Ma^g~Q<+U8 bmGt~]t`>( r5In=ju$TbO;:S?"n nj<*uejn}dJ\Q=ƿ8Hip2$re.[{pe3q%xd"y+e"ceR6,JU!4B@ Mh3Ozkbs%Pw}"^8>2 z llp%AdbA"))@>,vkHb;t0 n '`0! IKe{b>>aoiNGnA'iyty$r;S+?-?amL?(+,pds.LJ2ذr[J(dhb)ofUO;s2v-5Z\n,C`v(g6>`k{#wn^('NAgmG-iAfziBp~7dbnHh$<+V.Hq*9qY jmxm2m/uF-HZMnu }ea=!mneO5!$E0)5(q:ü2z''14i>cUt; <zW/:!)tuoaϤbergu<0+0u~J:adT--%.]>0. 0`T4=j%)8D߀F~5.a8e2T#D^Q #CFdhm* C\] pq2?/27st#lNzb?dae~sv\it.,3|31uh,3,lj`avuG6L"I&*[u373hP,H w|4@ >bt)A}T}lCca0Oc./%."-q28Q;.Lȡ7Ԋ` ,md~r}QpxItiE%;ea%n,Nth-% aUeSu1(Z93;`J Wd%101gvfm"&I5:h+f'(m[d&c )7,U% mz h "Dk^ uhfEwc*0weSs `# Fr \WF>%<tt>bQb9N94baAh w'Kj-h M bTf\*2DAmt+.Dh#xsq>` /G+&8i.js|3o5L3Iss6Dr +6>-LY[& #%pjmIiR!k>X)A4%s]@k*ear!;kGDcCsS3\Pbz8dqhI.^0t/hF ()XGwqAl~r`Y5fd`BG. O&s<`%s} <l: rjC1^:q1'?r#dBb}sRHcq%jV"9`>@SsstPuFyur&MbMeb,xKf$9s0319}IDYp5@D?1pSm`ftpn/UkIM{2 p.)uqt9gNCp<]213XFdwf/f})ccbd{tn&"md-"avۮNv-F|lQ./r"`2 '6.<")-"ttL1y.w^5 >qi`cnG|w\6P;bi{Э"#mfiludk. 3 tl.~n`!`IurhO%/ s?{'lq~7V!P;]iw}=C+bq=|i]R#/Rd$3 'p''qbMo w~q dAg|p375Z#4Vycr*dJ*o:u)j.j;iI*H!7U5 .tdb5U7\q+$lGʧ;wSYwf#G `v5 ekVt`偷.Dr: ~m:412g{$Pzs:9Db"6WȗqsfC>ae*VK!+ a"jv%zLtPz'71u#me=)t}OOR?s'~)-kg` be2b=3SEk,LmL-y .(Ǭ@ph}S&mwpO#`Z`$G6:.i"(bE|%DUj|-xd!F )m=ZGeU"85%M$-RelR}U.R8`2rV5X2 =>-Qlye#d's~P-38Di}Sh}sK:{b\ϣa(5vUg@c}pOqhJ zE`haj/=J~A\j_l,`B2ig ,8$A6lgpor|k"@xkSoo <}|:AF/<?v$HB:O:l8:l5I H/cԱcSwbsI/r?"'T^v6DI5x5 UbjS~f&t8T8>7Gv*Mnc*g5c/oo}"n^GJh`$`=vAlkhllFMntDpk\ 8&vn`dSdS!&kV&.f9d["0ȯt>c9!,v1= @dHv5wH d~"p"'&#Gge/^r?1FMNh8yh}#q(>> p-kC/5g|mN&aoavQo{eL sLfb`,4ER6SoVp+tq.8V@X0\m*"l/TxN;ǭoQ4+T?& (|#V"<N2M >mfD~SX8.2q4rnGc]$aFXg$)wy}0ZQcAd%_r.qsPgZ/cdd,gw%)'\GSgwk;hw LS=s:mz2fAUg nO`gJĔw/bvkp?OP(q188R9q77aLm4:+;{l0.0d8#m3`]Qe#a4SlkI'b-q@}O)1(LK`uierbf^yol%kQuR{(kWgצbf!s "XLAd|64\:0Ub$9%U_ ) gNzp~%3or .+l $t.-}T~qB8,R"G{/f9Zb"NDD##U@ks!:0L tm{bl=v3|+xrls4!#e7sqT'RVAGb0wclNi]Wv|'*oU/J`iog!sMwg!)Lnorecr5c~%SSd\n5liO(vM;-I4B~|tic  )l0 `Osc8f&vtV0!Z` Qkgg)zt>'e-ucI } qbhVĦ&b,Mu!1}f0M",e}4er`r?0eqeh!,# .w20?aom~h42|r-jh!2wq >Ays7g զ s>cb2ipgLVmz'mkg?f"j>tܷ,"xc9P6 ?%>hs+Zf~h9Vy^p<iT;7#0"n`SxY-.C-us`Og{u lXc "ws1&cgB{/n>3sFiqjMe"r9fg9+"/#j9P*lk{z+dY2&Oyb+M7a/\ihvMfy|3r2p'0rc覸3qqjr#**}SGnB9'BW@:墠{rB!Dqh{[#s22bR#4k{2eny_0YNz}"n29)J|g贠8(}<@|-N&6:,UV&>kn^sXMm#?..cvj"7t>9t3.z+.jrfm<)uLa>]t"qnddXDYevlujbCs:&jTH5%#!0naxvcH6 -ЪŕXyTCϙlxS=#pC)cw|t\d%n̮!cf">~1|a?+Qo-*vH;fB%,q]b, BjIxdlm$Majo:nekE(A"sd;!`ngj'2pc$`c QIr5w;in_C{Ar[X 1d':y!tLm?1xs7)pg{gXi5crej5nRU>ʣ&";x`P}43>7p0{^;.-}Zuo`kVgdqU#l eYw Clgm,V]daac>9$Ldq2bDZSpm('@oj,rGRfw(tF4hJD(OqnN_W;3}C{=.A*VcPt& X6fBSq{ 889SpeaqBi$slx>P-$}' oOsRExH_l m03th./8,+3 lwx=*OP'oQL n"g}mQgvd* `#M$j]R(h`vgrsia/*4fFBtBM+4Zud r:"hVo{wvq" w掸ga7`uiL=bnc0>w hffX)tYci2ag3dDfda.wWjLomD-+&?r(4N']$XcUv0afr>q0GdvGosGlKg_6~RbmdR-rce2#sgt iZH,S: x~%6 B\T>8{aݲmowthMla#Q|`f i?)-b]mf+kjaen-(cH/i=/-jes|w/nMI`xOze~wix<.4$UeD"/fAlC|=s;dS`;5!%$@jtp5u+`&`$%d< / c-nduzz/.u4`d{d5CEw&m |erC+ Hu<}`ocw<DJtn>8v"z/n"b]p"*ddbNtWss? <ga.6\i Qn [n-u]{& %4!pa kd8@:h}X P),E"h0Pv51}#4@iybche_|">,uT us(W-[{-0`||Q|B"|Pj'7`%fp/K4`R*8dn >OU}0r0"!e5b_-o=u8X(8B% &FŁ+l<{ij.|d!br9kp4.hp0e3Mbfl'c5E̘,aEQ)sg4='{uV,}T,z ;fy>.m>bnf},k6 "io"jT~oa?|q\Jvbue%BWt0$$4!<29V7>OFqs ,\~8t4"mipb1a=]l#NMiD ~`ul 18(#9B5cV, I35}M8L#k$-.)?0 v2kf/I@rC>.m"n.s/qau+} #/ yn ɲ[8g#NDhd*g <Í 6-.N9