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If my actions don't directly bother or harm other human beings—or negatively impact their  property—I believe I'm free to do whatever I want with my body, my machines or my property—including land I own.  I don't think we live on a small planet since it's big enough to seem mostly devoid of human presence over vast areas. If we ever do run out of living space / resources on Earth, we'll simply go elsewhere in space for them. 


I recognize I'm part of some integrated whole that interfaces with a bigger human community and the natural world.  Rather than acting as I please, I know I must respect that bigger whole—whether it's my immediate family, village, urban water cycle, natural ecosystem, etc. —and limit my impacts based on ethical, scientific, and other considerations. I believe we live on a small planet and that our collective actions are increasingly making our planetary home unlivable. Going elsewhere in space to live is a fantasy: If we ruin Earth, we have no viable Plan B.

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