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This title names the conservatism thatís part of my worldview: itís associated with a social dominance orientation in which a social hierarchy is maintained via discrimination-based legitimizing tools (paternalism, meritocracy, race-based, wealth-based, etc.) Believing itís consistent with a natural order and fosters social stability, I accept the inequality inherent in such social ladder societyóand its often centralized organizational /power structure based on adhering to rules, conforming in a cultural / moral senseó and value property rights and the status quo.


This title names the social justice path valuing equality my worldview is built on.  I believe all humans should have the same rights, opportunity /privileges. Where their goals are consistent with this belief, I support collective struggles against centralized power that seek to reform church, state, political, and economic institutions. I generally donít like discrimination/ exclusion. I support 1) social movements that are hierarchy attenuating (not enhancing) Ė feminism and affirmative action are examples, and  2) empowering the powerless.

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As such this page may be rather incomplete or still "under construction" for quite awhile!

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