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Metaphorically my mindspace is an  unfamiliar—potentially unfriendly,  dangerous—place, so I’m cautious. I draw out as much information from it as I can, and perhaps am not as “giving back” as some.  As you might expect, I often feel unsettled, stressed, anxious. My caution is perhaps due to past a) unpleasant, distressing sensory experiences, and b) physical and emotional stress caused by hurtful incidents or encounters.  Given my self concept and memories, with my fear of  a) and b), it should surprise no one that I sometimes feel angry and resentful.


Metaphorically my mindspace is a pleasant, warm, loving, familiar family home where I am calm and relaxed. Perhaps lack of stress or fears of being unable to cope, makes me more giving / generous.  Besides being helpful / kind, this includes often giving others “the benefit of the doubt.” With my positive affect, I feel lots of love. This I connect with feeling affection such that imperfections are overlooked and that others’ —or another's—happiness, is critical to one's own. (Note: Many who believe "God is Love" have a similar viewpoint, which some call God-centered.)

Note: With version 4.0, these themes are new to the Project Worldview theme structure in March, 2019.
As such this page may be rather incomplete or still "under construction" for quite awhile!

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