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song for theme #9B: Apocalypticism

ďLeft BehindĒ by Stephen P. Cook

to be sung to the tune of ďPaint It BlackĒ by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards / The Rolling Stones

The End Time1 is right now:

Fate all sealed and signed

Iím no believer pal, Iíve been left behind2


I hear the trumpet sound, see sunrise in the west3

No Godly to be found, sinful scum all the rest


Iíve lost all thoughts of love:

Warm days soft and kind

Here itís all push and shove, memories left behind


Innocence has ended, long strayed off the path

Consequence intended:

About to face Godís wrath


I search inside my heart:

No goodness can I find

Iím here with starving filth, Iíve been left behind


I see bad darkness fall, painful sufferiní descends

After bright Raptureís4 call, too late to make amends


I see shooting stars signal approaching doom5

Cold prison without bars:

Tribulation and gloom



Iím jolted by the crash, my eyes burned and blind

Firestorm then ash, all thatís left behind


The End Time is right now:

Fate all sealed and signed

Iím no believer pal:

My ashes left behind


Innocence has ended, long strayed off the path

Consequence intended:

Slammed by Godís full wrath


[two verses of humming with music]


I canít believe Iíve been left, left behind

Left with death, left with dark

Animated life, bright sun:

Gone from the sky!

You know itís been left out, left out, left out:

Left behind!  Yeah!


[more humming with music]



1ó End Times in Judeo-Christian tradition refer to a future period of great upheaval, trial and tribulation that precede the

     prophesized coming (or second coming) of the Messiah.  Supposedly various omens will be seen confirming prophecy and

     ushering in this era (which some feel has already begun!)

2óLeft Behind is the title of a series of books by Christian authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins set in the End Times in which

     Christian true believers have been taken to Heaven leaving behind a chaotic world.

3óBlowing of the trumphet and sunrise in the west are Islamic End Times prophecies.

4óRapture is Christian belief that refers to the final resurrection or resurrection of the righteous associated with Judgment Day

     (see book of Revelation); more recently it has come to mean being taken up to Heaven.

5óThis line suggests looming cosmic catastrophe in the form of space debris striking the Earth.

Comment: this theme can provide emotional armor: fortifying you against current otherwise more troubling events with the belief they are predicted precursors of End Times.  The extent to which it promotes carrying emotional baggage and inflicting new stress depends on when you believe the End will occur. If you feel the End will be very soon and act accordingly, what you neglect Ť high volatility Ť stressful consequences.

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