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Exploring the feelings behind the worldview theme--another project WORLDVIEW  theme song...   

song for theme #23A: Sustainability

“The Earth Can Stand Tall” by Stephen P. Cook

to be sung to the tune of “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele, L.B. and Epworth, P.R. / Adele



There’s a danger, growing every day

If we ignore it, our children will pay


Much of what we do: unsustainable

We can change our ways: think renewable1


We all need to leave fossil fuel2 behind

Rising C O two, got us in a bind3


Solar energy, it’s the way to go

Or else climate change4 will soon cause us woe


Pollution thoughtless, it hurts all of us

Rein it in, recycle5, do this or we fall

With nature we start, not man apart6

If we change our ways, the Earth can stand tall7


There’s a danger, growing every day

If we ignore it, our children will pay


Much of what we do, and powers that be

Cause needless waste so think efficiency8


Work to stop leaks of water and energy

Tighten up, brighten up: use resources wisely


We all need to leave old mindsets behind

And teach children: treat Earth nice and kind


Corporate growth mindless hurts all of us

Grow sustainably, do this or we fall

Earth’s life support, protect and comfort

If we change our ways, the Earth can stand tall


Earth’s wilderness leaves me breathless

If we change our ways, the Earth can stand tall

Respect nature’s wholeness: children we bless

If we use restraint, the Earth can stand tall

If we change our ways, the Earth can stand tall

The Earth can stand tall



1— Renewable resources are continually being replaced or replenished by natural processes ultimately driven by solar energy. 

      Examples include direct solar, wind energy, biofuels, hydropower, wood, etc.

2— Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons (derived from ancient plants) stored in coal, oil, and natural gas that can be burned to release

       energy.  Over 85% of global energy needs are met using this non-renewable resource.

3—CO2=carbon dioxide is a waste product of burning fossil fuels. In the atmosphere it can trap radiation that otherwise would

      escape to space. The steadily rising atmospheric levels of CO2 due to human activity have upset the planet’s energy balance by

      enhancing the greenhouse effect resulting generally in global warming.

4—Climate change refers to regional / global changes in climate over the last few decades that scientists, with over 95% certainty,

      attribute to human activity. Their future projections predict both steadily increasing temperatures and changes / greater

      variability in regional weather patterns. If left unaddressed: disaster?

5—Instead of throwing away certain materials they can be taken to recycling centers to be sold and reused.

6—“Not Man Apart” is a phrase from poet Robinson Jeffers long used by the group Friends of the Earth.

7— Standing tall refers to maintaining integrity. See note 6 for theme #27.

8Energy efficiency is the energy used divided by total energy input.  An old incandescent light is 4% efficient, meaning 96% of

      input energy is wasted. Newer lights (LEDs) are 20% efficient or more.

Comment: Today’s infants—typically baby boomer grandchildren who could still be alive in 2100—are often utilized by those who value this theme. They are used to make arguments, about steps that need to be taken now to insure a livable future environment, more emotionally compelling.

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