Environmental Education Ideas for Kids

August 2018 contribution from Ginger Reid

Hello there! 

As you know, itís more important than EVER to take care of our environment, and to help protect our planet, weíve got to get younger generations excited about doing so. Luckily, there are lots of fun, easy ways to get our kids involved in living a greener lifestyle. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:


20 Recycled Crafts, Activities & Home Decor That Teach Our Kids About Recycling


Creating a Butterfly Garden


Kidsí Gardening: Cultivating Food and Life Lessons


Guide To Composting At Home


How to teach junior not to waste water [Infographic]


Home Science: Backyard Conservation


Leave No Trace: What Does It Mean For Kids?


March 2019 contribution from Nick Hayes:

I've been putting together a list of activities for our troop's Sustainability Merit Badge that we're working on. I wanted to include information on gardening and composting, as we just started our very own compost pile...

Guide to Composting


Learning to Compost