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Brief Questionnaire to Assess Compatibility
With Worldview Theme #52

Respond to each of the following below on a 1 to 5 scale, where
     1= strongly disagree      2 = disagree      3 = neutral      4 = agree      5 = strongly agree
If you don’t have understand, or are confused by a particular question, select 3= neutral.

Note: An * in front of the question indicates that this has been used in national public opinion surveys. 

1. A health problem, disability or handicap currently keeps me from participating fully in work, school, housework or other activities.  

2. I am handicapped such that my fully functioning and achieving is unusually difficult, if not impossible. Even at those times when I (to one extent or another) somehow overcome this condition, I am still conscious that it exists.

3. I am one of those lucky people who is both physically and mentally in outstanding condition. There is nothing wrong with me! My body always feels fine, I don’t have aches and pains or get headaches, and I have difficulty recalling the last time I was sick -- since it seems I’m always healthy!

4. No one would ever describe me as handicapped or chronically ill.

*5. During the past four weeks, pain interfered with my normal functioning and work either “extremely often” or “quite a bit”.

*6. During the past four weeks my physical health limited the kind of work I could do or the types of regular daily activities that I could participate in.

7. I have a great deal of difficulty personally relating to the complaint common among the sick, disabled, or handicapped: that they don’t like being constantly dependent on other people and / or technological devices to help them, would like to use these aides less and much more often function independently of them.

*8. If I were a student, I suppose that I would be classified as having one of the following types of disability: learning disability, speech or language impairment, emotional disturbance or mental retardation.


For WV Theme #52, Independent Living for The Sick or Disabled
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

Interpreting Your Worldview Theme Assessment Scores

Generally speaking, the score you get for a particular worldview theme (based on your responses to the brief questionnaire provided) can be interpreted as follows:

If your score is... Interpretation: Your worldview...
                         0  is totally incompatible with this worldview theme
                 0.01 -- 2.49 is very incompatible with this worldview theme
                 2.50 -- 4.49 is mildly incompatible with this worldview theme
                 4.50 -- 5.49 is neutral or undecided in relation to this wv theme
                 5.50 -- 7.49 is mildly compatible with this worldview theme
                 7.50 -- 9.99 is very compatible with this worldview theme
                        10 is totally compatible with this worldview theme

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