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Brief Questionnaire to Assess Compatibility
With Worldview Theme #42

Respond to each of the following below on a 1 to 5 scale, where
     1= strongly disagree      2 = disagree      3 = neutral      4 = agree      5 = strongly agree
If you don’t have understand, or are confused by a particular question, select 3= neutral.

Note: An * in front of the question indicates that this has been used in national public opinion surveys. 

*1. I believe that there are absolutely clear guidelines about what is good and what is evil. These apply to everyone whatever the circumstances.  I don't agree with those who say that the rules vary with the particular culture and circumstances.

2. I believe that, in deciding whether a proposed action (law, public policy, or other initiative potentially affecting lots of people) is morally right, its social benefit and the extent to which it produces the “greatest good” for the greatest number of people ought to be the criteria by which it is evaluated.

3. Imagine that a project, which a community is overwhelmingly in favor of, will provide jobs and other benefits to a large number of people, but it will cause me and my neighbors some occasional inconvenience, and its overall purpose seems somewhat questionable on moral grounds. Despite my reservations, I am prepared to accept this project .

*4. I have a strong sense of loyalty to the company or organization that I work for.

5. Before doing something that has ethical ramifications, I have been known to ask myself, “What would happen if everyone did this?”

*6. I’d say that it is seriously wrong for someone to not report all of his or her income in order to pay less income taxes, or to give the government incorrect information to get government benefits that he or she is not entitled to.

7. Conceivably someone characterizing my personality and behavior might use all of the following words or phrases: compassionate, empathetic, ethical, “values fair play”, considerate, and “possesses great fellow feeling".

8.  I take the professional ethics and standards associated with my job very seriously and would never consider violating or compromising them in order to have something else I wanted.

*9.  To make money, there are no right and wrong ways any more, only easy and hard ways.

*10.  I consider high income as very important aspect of what I’d describe as a good job.

*11.  I am proud of the type of work I do.

*12.  I would turn down another job that offered quite a bit more pay in order to stay in my current position.

*13.  It is never justifiable for someone to accept a bribe in the course of their duties.

*14. I have cheated on a person that I was in a relationship with.


For Worldview Theme #42, Ethical Orientation
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

Interpreting Your Worldview Theme Assessment Scores

Generally speaking, the score you get for a particular worldview theme (based on your responses to the brief questionnaire provided) can be interpreted as follows:

If your score is... Interpretation: Your worldview...
                         0  is totally incompatible with this worldview theme
                 0.01 -- 2.49 is very incompatible with this worldview theme
                 2.50 -- 4.49 is mildly incompatible with this worldview theme
                 4.50 -- 5.49 is neutral or undecided in relation to this wv theme
                 5.50 -- 7.49 is mildly compatible with this worldview theme
                 7.50 -- 9.99 is very compatible with this worldview theme
                        10 is totally compatible with this worldview theme

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