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Brief Questionnaire to Assess Compatibility
With Worldview Theme #25

Respond to each of the following below on a 1 to 5 scale, where
     1= strongly disagree      2 = disagree      3 = neutral      4 = agree      5 = strongly agree
If you don’t have understand, or are confused by a particular question, select 3= neutral.

Note: An * in front of the question indicates that this has been used in national public opinion surveys. 

1. The world was created with human happiness in mind.  

2. Nature should be used to serve human beings.

3. Beautiful, but seldom visited wilderness areas should be opened up for mining & resource extraction.

*4. If I had to pick sides, I’d side with those who say that “Human beings should master nature”, rather than those who say that “Humans should coexist with nature”.

*5. We worry too much about the future of the environment, and not enough about prices and jobs today.

6. I would definitely admire a developer who goes into a remote area and both makes something of it and creates lots of jobs, more than a conservationist who works hard to prevent some beautiful remote area from being developed.

*7. I am sympathetic to environmental concerns.

*8. Consider two position statements regarding land use. 1) It is more important protecting endangered species from extinction even if some people may not be able to develop the land they own, 2) It is more important to protect the right of property owners to do what they want with their land even though some species might become extinct as a result. My own position is closer to statement 2) than statement 1).

*9. I would oppose the establishment of a zone or greenbelt around my community where new homes, businesses, or stores could not be built on land that is already undeveloped.


For Worldview Theme #25, Anthropocentrism
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

Interpreting Your Worldview Theme Assessment Scores

Generally speaking, the score you get for a particular worldview theme (based on your responses to the brief questionnaire provided) can be interpreted as follows:

If your score is... Interpretation: Your worldview...
                         0  is totally incompatible with this worldview theme
                 0.01 -- 2.49 is very incompatible with this worldview theme
                 2.50 -- 4.49 is mildly incompatible with this worldview theme
                 4.50 -- 5.49 is neutral or undecided in relation to this wv theme
                 5.50 -- 7.49 is mildly compatible with this worldview theme
                 7.50 -- 9.99 is very compatible with this worldview theme
                        10 is totally compatible with this worldview theme

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