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Brief Questionnaire to Assess Compatibility
With Worldview Themes #23A & 23B

Respond to each of the following below on a 1 to 5 scale, where
     1= strongly disagree      2 = disagree      3 = neutral      4 = agree      5 = strongly agree
If you don’t have understand, or are confused by a particular question, select 3= neutral.

Note: An * in front of the question indicates that this has been used in national public opinion surveys. 

*1.  Consider the following two position statements about energy & environment. 1) Protection of the environment should be given priority, even at the risk of limiting the amount of energy supplies -- such as oil, gas, and coal -- which our country produces.  2) Development of our country’s energy supplies -- such as oil, gas, and coal -- should be given priority, even if the environment suffers to some extent. Of these two positions, I prefer the first one.

2. Continued, unrestrained economic growth threatens the integrity of the Earth’s biosphere. Ultimately, only economic activities which are sustainable on a long-term basis should be permitted.

3. Imagine the following. Fearing more drought and declining water tables, the county board votes to not issue permits to drill new wells, or allow new customers to hook up to the municipal water system. If I were part of this board, I would almost certainly support this restriction.

*4. All else being equal, I would be willing to pay slightly more for electricity generated from renewable energy sources (solar, wind, etc) Accordingly, I’d give part of my income if I were certain that the money would be used to prevent environmental pollution.

*5. Global warming is an urgent problem that requires immediate government action, not one that requires more study before government action is taken.

*6. I do what is right for the environment, even when it costs more money or takes up more time.

*7. I always make a special effort to sort glass or cans or plastic or papers, etc for recycling when these recycling options are locally available.

*8. I am not at all willing to accept cuts in my standard of living to protect the environment.

9. Our society needs more of its people feeling that they have “enough”, and relatively fewer who are constantly after “having more”.

10. Our way of doing business and individual values should gradually change so that people can have a maximum amount of well being while minimizing their consumption.

11. My lifestyle is intentionally pretty simple and involves “doing more with less”.  I don’t buy a lot of stuff that I don’t need.  I practice “reduce, reuse, recycle”.

*12. To reduce our national dependence on imported oil from the Middle East and elsewhere, we should turn to conservation, including higher fuel efficiency rules for cars and other vehicles to make sure we are using energy as wisely as possible, rather than develop new domestic oil resources which could mean drilling in national forests and other environmentally sensitive areas.

*13. In the past years I made a voluntary change in my life which resulted in making less money.

*14. People would do better by living a simpler life without so much technology.

*15. I have a generally favorable opinion of the environmental movement. 

*16. There is solid evidence that Earth is getting warmer as a result of human activity.

*17. I believe that to be a good person it is very important to consume or use fewer goods.


For Worldview Theme #23A, Sustainability
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

For Worldview Theme #23B, Enoughness
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

Interpreting Your Worldview Theme Assessment Scores

Generally speaking, the score you get for a particular worldview theme (based on your responses to the brief questionnaire provided) can be interpreted as follows:

If your score is... Interpretation: Your worldview...
                         0  is totally incompatible with this worldview theme
                 0.01 -- 2.49 is very incompatible with this worldview theme
                 2.50 -- 4.49 is mildly incompatible with this worldview theme
                 4.50 -- 5.49 is neutral or undecided in relation to this wv theme
                 5.50 -- 7.49 is mildly compatible with this worldview theme
                 7.50 -- 9.99 is very compatible with this worldview theme
                        10 is totally compatible with this worldview theme

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