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Brief Questionnaire to Assess Compatibility
With Worldview Themes #22A & 22B

Respond to each of the following below on a 1 to 5 scale, where
     1= strongly disagree      2 = disagree      3 = neutral      4 = agree      5 = strongly agree
If you don’t have understand, or are confused by a particular question, select 3= neutral.

Note: An * in front of the question indicates that this has been used in national public opinion surveys. 

1. A healthy economy is one whose production of goods and services, per capita consumption, income, jobs, and energy use is growing due to proper functioning of market system forces.  

2. Because they interfere with free trade and market forces, government intervention to redistribute wealth, restrict movement of goods, labor and capital is ill advised.

3. Since there are huge areas of the Earth that are just sparsely inhabited, I’m not particularly concerned about population growth. In fact, people are a resource: the more people there are, the more minds we’ll have to figure out how to solve problems.

*4. In considering what the aims of this country ought to be for the next ten years, I would rank having a high level of economic growth above such things as having a strong national defense, more individual participation in making community or workplace decisions, or having more beautiful cities and surrounding countryside.

*5. The Earth cannot continue to support population growth at its present rate.

*6. Private enterprise is the way to solve this country's economic problems.

*7. Modern science will solve our environmental problems with little change to our way of life.

*8. I have a great deal of confidence in major companies (large multinational corporations).

*9. If an election were held today, I would vote “yes” on a local initiative to slow down the pace of development in my city or community, even if this meant having less economic growth.

10. Suppose a key and valuable natural resource -- one that contributes to my own standard of living -- comes from a backward, poor 3rd world country through the efforts of a large multinational corporation operating there in highly profitable fashion. If I learned that people of this poor country received very little compensation for this resource, I would be upset and think about doing something to protest.

11. I worry that the affluent lifestyles of rich, powerful nations are made possible in some significant way by exploiting the resources and labor of people in poor, less powerful nations. 

12. It is okay for an advanced, rich powerful nation to intervene in and dominate the internal affairs of a weaker, backward one, provided the intervening nation has good intentions.

*13. I have no trust at all in large corporations’ commitment to protect the quality of our country’s environment.

*14. Our nation’s military troops should not be used to install democratic governments in states ruled by dictators.

*15. Stricter environmental regulations are worth the cost even if they hurt the economy.


For Worldview Theme #22A, Expansionism
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

For Worldview Theme #22B, Imperialism
Your Overall Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
                   Your Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale
Ave. USA Adult Survey Question Score = On a 0 to 10 Scale

Interpreting Your Worldview Theme Assessment Scores

Generally speaking, the score you get for a particular worldview theme (based on your responses to the brief questionnaire provided) can be interpreted as follows:

If your score is... Interpretation: Your worldview...
                         0  is totally incompatible with this worldview theme
                 0.01 -- 2.49 is very incompatible with this worldview theme
                 2.50 -- 4.49 is mildly incompatible with this worldview theme
                 4.50 -- 5.49 is neutral or undecided in relation to this wv theme
                 5.50 -- 7.49 is mildly compatible with this worldview theme
                 7.50 -- 9.99 is very compatible with this worldview theme
                        10 is totally compatible with this worldview theme

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