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The Worldview of Lyndon B. Johnson  1908-1973

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Note: The characterization of Lyndon B. Johnson's worldview that follows is based on the books of Robert A. Caro. These have been described as follows: "Caro's books portray Johnson as a complex and contradictory character: at the same time a scheming opportunist and visionary progressive."  To simplify things, what follows may best fit Lyndon Johnson's worldview as it was just before his heart attack in 1955, when he was US Senate Majority Leader. In latter years, especially after he reached the pinnacle of power and became US President in late 1963, the worldview theme WV21B Service to Others should replace WV43 Seeking Wealth and Power, and WV203B Egalitarian Progressive needs to replace WV103A Individual Glory, in the list below. 

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Clubs: WV21B Service to Others 


The Years of Lyndon Johnson volumes #1, 2, 3, and #4 by Robert A. Caro, New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1982, 1990, 2002, and 2012

note: these mostly span the years 1908 to spring 1964 in Johnson's life* 


*Important Note: Obviously the above famous person did not look over all 104 project Worldview themes and make the above selections, nor answer any related questionnaires gauging compatibility with worldview themes. Rather the above characterization of this person's worldview is based on the historic record--and in particular the above references.  Of course an individual's worldview can change during the course of their adult lives. The worldview presented above represents what is believed to be that of the person when he or she was in the prime of life* and at the peak of influencing others and making an impact.  If you feel that we have it wrong in some way, please contact us! 

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