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I trust in a rational belief system, built on facts and concepts, ultimately linked to observation and experience, which fit together in a coherent way as part of a useful (in terms of making good predictions!) logical framework.  Whether it be my own worldview —or a collective product of a multitude of minds (scientific consensus)—I see this framework as steadily evolving (improving!) based on feedback.  If they pass certain tests, I'm generally able to accept psychologically disturbing features of Reality (example: the finality of death) rather than deny them.


When it comes to gathering and applying knowledge, I am something of an intuitive thinker. I can firmly believe, with complete confidence and trust, in something for which there’s little or no evidence, and certainly no proof. Yes —I can deny Reality and believe in something if doing so provides hope or useful psychological advantage (example: belief in an afterlife.) While critics may say I'm deluding myself, I see it as adopting healthy beliefs which promote my —and perhaps my family's or loved ones —continued psychological well-being.

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